Guilt Trip

by Guilt Trip!

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Recorded by Josh Morgan.
Cover photo by Heath Lawless.


released October 30, 2013




Guilt Trip! Nelson Bay, Australia

Punk / Hardcore Band from Nelson Bay.
Demo Released on the 30th October 2013.
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Track Name: Intro
Guilt Trip!
Track Name: BXY
Wake up fucking early
Bxy on my mind
Carpark filled with blow ins
Running just on time
Westerly fucking bites
Waters fucking cold
See the Bxy wizard
He will freeze your soul!

Just Stay Away!


You have drawn the line
Right down the sand
Forget your dreams of ever
Coming back again
Track Name: Inside Your Mind
Take what you want
Ill take whats mine!
Your to blame for your daily grind
Confused by your role in society

No Remorse!
No Pity!

You blame others for your own regrets
Because you never got ahold of what they could get
You never used that mind of your own
Now you wonder why your lost, cold and alone.

Crushed by the foes of morality
Look at yourself and face reality!

Take your last breath with both hands clenched
you've left nothing behind just assumed success

Left to die


Take what you want
Ill take whats mine!
Your to blame for your daily grind
Confused by your role in society with

No remorse
No pity!

Fuck you!

Your Society, Your choice! Not mine!
Track Name: Guilt Trips
Thoughts running through my head
Anxiety fucks with my brain
Go to work, Same shit everyday
All i want to do is surf its not a fucking joke
Cut me a break!

Back on nine till fives everyday of the week
Surfing wont pay the bills i have to eat
Am i stuck, in this rut! Forever

Sinking feelings, yurning stomach
Whats the use im not running
Cant escape my own head
Wishing i was fucking dead
Drugs i use to numb my brain
Only thing that kept me sane
Downing pills trying hard to feel safe again

Fuck this! I Quit! Screw you!
Guilt trips you run are through
I'd rather be poor and happy
Life Debts, No regrets, Im Free!

Now you see the truth made up from bullshit & lies
I couldn't live another day struggling to survive
Your hands gripped air tight around my neck
I couldn't fucking breath, Squeezing tighter with each breath
I cant fucking stand you! Guilt Trips you run are through
Track Name: Bane Pig
Stack and graze my knuckles
Skateboard hits the car
Another thing to fuck my day this cunt is blowing up
Grab the decks and run, Stranger out for blood
Skateing through the streets thinking home will never come
Bust around the corner, Look who's standing there
This cunt has outsmarted us, Theres nothing to be said
They wont fix the park. Urges are to skate
This stupid fucking council ran by careless fucking snakes!


Wont help anyone

Your the ones supposed to help the youth of today
This town has nothing but urban decay
Wonder why the crime rate is so fucking high
All you have to do is open your eyes to see
Track Name: SCUM
Thirty years old
Living at home
Sitting by the phone
Doing prank calls alone
Immature as fuck
No wonder you suck
We all hate your fucking guts
Scum cunt

To scared
To leave
Your house

Your no friend of mine
You severed all the fucking ties
I'v never let you down before
Reasons why you stay inside

Only choice to run and hide
I wont let this slide
Talk shit & spit nothing but fucking lies
Parents fight for compromise
A wrecked life in someones eyes
Never let you down before
You severed all the fucking ties!

Your a scum, Fucking cunt!
And we hate, Your guts!
Never let, You down
Yet you run your mouth

Selfish acts, Big impacts

Your a scum fucking cunt!