Bane Pig

from by Guilt Trip!



Stack and graze my knuckles
Skateboard hits the car
Another thing to fuck my day this cunt is blowing up
Grab the decks and run, Stranger out for blood
Skateing through the streets thinking home will never come
Bust around the corner, Look who's standing there
This cunt has outsmarted us, Theres nothing to be said
They wont fix the park. Urges are to skate
This stupid fucking council ran by careless fucking snakes!


Wont help anyone

Your the ones supposed to help the youth of today
This town has nothing but urban decay
Wonder why the crime rate is so fucking high
All you have to do is open your eyes to see


from Guilt Trip, released October 30, 2013




Guilt Trip! Nelson Bay, Australia

Punk / Hardcore Band from Nelson Bay.
Demo Released on the 30th October 2013.
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