Guilt Trips

from by Guilt Trip!



Thoughts running through my head
Anxiety fucks with my brain
Go to work, Same shit everyday
All i want to do is surf its not a fucking joke
Cut me a break!

Back on nine till fives everyday of the week
Surfing wont pay the bills i have to eat
Am i stuck, in this rut! Forever

Sinking feelings, yurning stomach
Whats the use im not running
Cant escape my own head
Wishing i was fucking dead
Drugs i use to numb my brain
Only thing that kept me sane
Downing pills trying hard to feel safe again

Fuck this! I Quit! Screw you!
Guilt trips you run are through
I'd rather be poor and happy
Life Debts, No regrets, Im Free!

Now you see the truth made up from bullshit & lies
I couldn't live another day struggling to survive
Your hands gripped air tight around my neck
I couldn't fucking breath, Squeezing tighter with each breath
I cant fucking stand you! Guilt Trips you run are through


from Guilt Trip, released October 30, 2013




Guilt Trip! Nelson Bay, Australia

Punk / Hardcore Band from Nelson Bay.
Demo Released on the 30th October 2013.
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