from by Guilt Trip!



Thirty years old
Living at home
Sitting by the phone
Doing prank calls alone
Immature as fuck
No wonder you suck
We all hate your fucking guts
Scum cunt

To scared
To leave
Your house

Your no friend of mine
You severed all the fucking ties
I'v never let you down before
Reasons why you stay inside

Only choice to run and hide
I wont let this slide
Talk shit & spit nothing but fucking lies
Parents fight for compromise
A wrecked life in someones eyes
Never let you down before
You severed all the fucking ties!

Your a scum, Fucking cunt!
And we hate, Your guts!
Never let, You down
Yet you run your mouth

Selfish acts, Big impacts

Your a scum fucking cunt!


from Guilt Trip, released October 30, 2013




Guilt Trip! Nelson Bay, Australia

Punk / Hardcore Band from Nelson Bay.
Demo Released on the 30th October 2013.
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